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Gotta Wear Shades: 10 Stylish Men’s Sunglasses for Summer 2024

Summer is on the horizon, bringing with it long days, warm rays, and a beach craze. With this comes sunglass season, the perfect time to mix function with style with a pair of great shades that turn heads. If you’re looking for a fresh pair of sunglasses you can rock to level up your style, we’ve got you covered. Here are Shopper Advocate’s top 10 sunglass recommendations to ensure your style doesn’t get eclipsed.


Suncloud Rambler Sunglasses

It’s rare for a pair of lenses to marry style with cost effectiveness, but the Suncloud Ramble Sunglasses come mighty close. These shades come in four cool colorways, so you can select your perfect match based on what works best for your style and skin tone. 

In terms of function, you get to enjoy the benefits of bio-based frame material you can brag about, rubber nose and temple pads for comfort and longevity, and 100% UV protection that stops both UVA and UVB in its tracks for optimal eye protection. These lenses also come with a microfiber cleaning/storage bag to keep your style clean on multiple levels.


American Optical Original Pilot Sunglasses

American Optical is a brand that’s been delivering high-quality lenses since 1833, which not only says a lot about their quality and longevity, but also speaks to how much time they’ve had to perfect their design and function. For example, their Original Pilot sunglasses include click-in nose-pad arms engineered for stronger soldering and less chance of breakage. These sunglasses come in six different colors and three different sizes — American Optical offers a 52, 55, or 56 millimeter lens width, depending on what’s best for your face.

Sidenote: we love how confident American Optical is in their brand. Inviting anyone to tour their Illinois factory and watch them handcraft their lenses? That’s a level of surety (and cheekiness) that we love to see.


Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses

The Oakley Fuel Cell Rectangular sunglasses are a great pair of lenses if you’re looking for a sleek ‘90s-throwback pair of sunglasses that work for daily or athletic use. They’re made with a stress resistant O-Matter frame material that provides durability, all-day comfort, and increased impact resistance — a real triumph of engineering. All you runners out there that are tired of sunglasses shifting around your face, you’re gonna love these shades. And of course, these lenses come with 100% UVA/UVB/UVC protection (plus protection against blue light up to 400 nm!)


Under Armour Men’s Playmaker Wrap Sunglasses

Here’s another option for those of you that are fans of the wrap-around style of sunglasses. Perfect for your next Pickleball tournament, the Under Armour Men’s Playmaker sunglasses come with an auto lock stop hinge and lanyard compatibility so you’ll never lose track of them throughout the day (a great option for hiking or beach days). The lens width is set at 72 millimeters, but you have three different bold colorways to pick from.


BNUS Italy Classic Sunglasses

Talk about options. The Bini-Optics Italy Classic Sunglasses are some of the most customizable shades we have on this list, coming in 28 different frame colors and mix-and-match lens colors. From the most fashion-forward dude to the man with seven identical t-shirts,you can find a pair of these sunglasses that fits with your favorite looks.


Eddie Bauer Preston Polarized Sunglasses

What we like about the Eddie Bauers is how simple they are, which makes them great picks for men who prefer understated styles. These glasses have the standard UVA and UVB protection, but also come with polycarbonate lenses for glare reduction and enhanced contrast. There are four different colors you can choose from, just be mindful of the different lenses.



Yeah, these sunglasses are for the guys that saw us mention “understated style” on the sunglasses above and scrolled right on past. These Versace Sunglasses are the exact opposite, crafted to draw eyes and make a statement. If you’re the type of dude that likes to make a visual splash on bright summer days you’ll want to try these 53-millimeter shades out.


Armani Exchange Matte Black Frames

Rock that Armani label without breaking the bank. Simple, sleek, elegant. According to Armani, , these are a fantastic pair of lenses if you have an oval, heart, square, or round face.


Carrera Navigator Sunglasses

If you’re a fan of the navigator style for your sunglasses, we’ve got you covered with these Carrera sunglasses. The Carrera shades have a lens width of 64 millimeters and are available in three different colors (which includes some stylish coloring options on the temple tips). These sunglasses come with a free 2-year warranty in addition to an iWear care kit, so you can really make them last.


Ray-Ban Classic Aviators

Ray-Bans are a household name for a reason. Fly high with these stylish aviator sunglasses, which you can get in 31 different colors and three versatile lens sizes. Ray-Bans are among the most customizable lenses we have on this list, which means you can truly pick a lens that fits your head, skin tone, and sense of style. Ray-Ban doesn’t mention the perk of being able to ride down the highway, flip these on, and imagine you’re in Top Gun.

If you’re worried about the price or skeptical of the Ray-Ban hype, now seems like a great time to mention that Amazon has a 7-day “try before you buy” option for these shades —much better than making a blind purchase (pun absolutely intended).

Envision Sunglasses Elevating Your Style

Like any good fashion piece, sunglasses combine fashion with function to make a strong impression. The key is finding the right type of frames and colors that work with your head shape, skin tone, and general style. Normally this requires a lot of experimentation, but we did our best to highlight a diverse range of sunglass styles while leaving less popular ones in the shade.

Don’t forget to check back with Shopper Advocate to see what bright tips we’ve got to offer when it comes to fashion or function. Unlike the sun, you can rely on us to shine regardless of the season.

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