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Mad Hippie Reviews 2019 | Everything You Need to Know

You Don’t Have to be Mad (Or a Hippie) to Enjoy Mad Hippie Products

If you’re sick and tired of worrying that the companies making the skin care products you’ve got stashed underneath your sink aren’t telling the truth about their ingredients or motives, you’re not alone. Many companies swear that they don’t test on animals, but then they don’t bother to tell you that their ingredients include animal by-products. Others might raise funds for habitat restoration, but it’s just another marketing ploy.


Mad Hippie is a skin care company that had the guts to pick a name that’s neither French nor posh. And you don’t have to be a mad hippie yourself to appreciate this company’s practices or ethos–though you’re welcome to fly your freak flag any time once you discover all of the features and benefits you enjoy courtesy of this company’s skin care line. But do they live up to the eco-friendly hype?

What is Mad Hippie?

Mad Hippie is a state of mind as well as a personal products company. Passionate about skin care (what’s not to love about that?), the folks behind the brand are a bit obsessive about ingredients and that’s what you may love best about their business model, especially if you’re feeling a tad jaded.


Mad Hippie offers a collection of authentic acne reduction products, eye creams, wrinkle removers, anti-aging serums and moisturizers. Instead of petrochemicals, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and synthetics hogging their product labels, you get the real deal: antioxidants, peptides, vitamins and alpha hydroxy acids.

The philosophy behind the brand

Whether you consider yourself a member of The Church of the Reformed Hipster or you have vivid memories of your grandmother traipsing around in the outfit she swears she wore at Woodstock, you can believe in the truth behind this company’s product offerings because they are based on the founders’ “buck the cosmetic establishment” manifesto.


Do no harm to animals? Check. Treat the planet as though it were a treasure? Yup. Call the crew at Mad Hippie—-well, mad—-because they flaunt their collective rebellious nature and take seriously a revolution they’ve begun to give products with no ulterior motives a presence on today’s skin care scene. Corporate responsibility comes first. Genius.

Consider Mad Hippie your skin care coach, too

You hit the store. Stroll the counters, spinners and displays and choose products based on the ad you just saw, the recommendation a friend handed off without being asked (her skin being nothing like yours, by the way) or you keep returning to products that may not be perfect, but they don’t ruin your skin. If you’re looking for a system that gives you the best results, that’s where Mad Hippie’s products shine.


Mad Hippie’s products are engineered to be used in concert with each other, so you get more than bottles of beauty aids; you get a system. They recommend that you adopt their morning and evening rituals if you’ve been seeking a complete restorative method for caring for your body’s largest organ — your skin — and then figure out how to adapt that routine so it works best with your schedule.


Certain product pairings are designed to deliver a glowing complexion, and others could become your ideal firming routine. Another could be the daytime routine that gets you and your skin through all of the assaults the environment sends your way. The combo you choose depends on the exact results you’re trying to achieve and the challenges you face with your existing skin care routine.

How Mad Hippie is different

Not only the ingredients inside the containers, but also the company’s packaging is serious business — such as BPA-free bottle pumps and soy-ink imprinted labels. Mad Hippie is also run from a headquarters that prioritizes alternative energy to power our operations. And a buck from every sale goes to conservation issues. Many consumers appreciate the company’s ability to “practice what it preaches” as much as they enjoy using the Mad Hippie skin care products themselves.

Awards won by the Mad Hippie collection

Not only do Mad Hippie products get pretty consistently positive user reviews, but the company has also won an impressive amount of awards in its short time on the market:


  • Antioxidant Facial Oil: Winner of the Better Nutrition Best of Natural Beauty Award for 2018.
  • Cleansing Oil: Brand new and loaded with Mother Nature’s treasures.
  • Cream Cleanser: The mildly acidic cream supports your skin’s natural balance.
  • Eye Cream: This cream packs a punch (the right kind!), rejuvenating your eyes so you look younger.
  • Exfoliating Serum: Organic Spa Magazine editors applaud this product for reviving damaged skin.
  • Face Cream: Best Facial Moisturizer; “Natural Solutions” Magazine’s Beauty with a Conscience Award.
  • Facial SPF: “Best Natural SPF,” per Cosmopolitan; Better Homes & Gardens “Editor’s Pick”; People Magazine’s “Best Eco Buys.”
  • Hydrating Nutrient Mist: Allure Magazine’s “The Best Hydrating Face Mists for Every Skin Type.”
  • Vitamin A Serum: Winner of the Better Nutrition Best of Natural Beauty Award for 2017.
  • Vitamin C Serum: “What we in the industry call MAGIC,” say Marie Claire beauty editors.

What are Mad Hippie’s strengths and weaknesses?


  • All natural ingredients are thoroughly tested and found kind to skin of all types.
  • Approved and applauded by major organizations and publications.
  • Available at leading natural foods chains, shops and even Ulta!
  • Order online if it’s more convenient.
  • You donate to Save the Elephants and The Whole Planet Foundation with every purchase.


  • You’ll spend a little more money to pamper your skin.
  • Women with extreme sensitivities may not do well using these products.
  • Best practices encourage the use of multiple Mad Hippie products to achieve the best result.
  • You may have to wait up to 90 days to see results.


10 Reasons to become a Mad Hippie convert

  1. You want to look younger and fresher and you don’t want to accomplish that goal courtesy of a surgeon.
  2. Everyone with whom you come into contact is going to notice a difference (your kids, too).
  3. You’re tired of feeling guilty about using products that don’t promote sustainability.
  4. You like the idea of skin care products made in the U.S.A. because they trigger job growth.
  5. You know how rigorously magazine editors test products before giving them two thumbs up.
  6. Mad Hippie knows no age or stage of life: there’s something for everyone.
  7. You can trust the company making these products (and you kinda like the cool label graphics, too!).
  8. Mad Hippie’s future is bright as new formulations are readied for market.
  9. If variety is the spice of life, we’ve got it all.
  10. It feels good to arise every morning knowing that products you use help others.


If you’re tired of skin care companies who care more about their bottom lines than your emerging crow lines, maybe it’s time you got mad for real. No need to invest in tie-dyed shirts, read Allen Ginsberg, add groovy to your nomenclature or braid your hair—but if you want to do all three, Mad Hippie approves.


You invest in your relationships and in your future, so hey, why not invest in the health of your skin? The investment you make in your skin is serious business because it’s got to last you for the entirety of your life. Mad Hippie takes your skin seriously, but also takes its responsibility to the environment seriously. Their philosophy is reflected in this Margaret Meade quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world, indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”


Mad Hippie skin care products may cost a little more than the usual drugstore options, but they offer a responsible way to care for your appearance and the environment at the same time.

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