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Sleep Like a Pro — Items to Help You Rest Effectively

Let’s be real, counting sheep only gets you so far when sleep is determined to dance out of your grasp. There’s nothing worse than lying down late at night, tossing and turning in your sheets, both sides of the pillow gone from cold to warm, and you’re still no closer to getting your eight hours of beauty rest.

Sleeplessness can get even more frustrating when you consider the health impacts. A good night’s sleep allows your body to repair itself, soothes your mind, and helps you regulate your emotions. Every minute of uninterrupted rest is worth its weight in gold. So, we put together a list of some of the most effective gadgets you can use to make sure your rest is as rejuvenating as possible.


Aromatherapy Diffusers

“Stop and smell the roses” is more than just a reminder to slow down, relax, and enjoy the little things in life. It’s also practical advice that can get you in the exact right mindset to fall into some of the best sleep possible. Research has shown that pleasant odors positively affect moods, calm your body, and can even promote positive dreams. So, if you want better sleep, maybe you really should smell some roses… or some lavender, or perhaps a little chamomile. Luckily, aromatherapy diffusers let you do just that, while you snuggle up under your blanket. These handy devices turn essential oils into a pleasant mist, filling your room with your desired scent.

The HLS Aroma Diffuser comes with 10 different fragrance options for you to experiment with. From rosemary to orange flower and more, this atomizer features an automatic shut-off option when it runs out of water, so there’s no issue using it while you drift off to sleep. You can even use the timer setting mode and let it run for one hour, three hours, six hours, or continuously (until the unit is empty).


White Noise Machine

We’ve all been there: slowly sinking into a deep sleep, letting our worries melt away… then, boom! A car backfires in the distance. A motorcycle roars as it races down the street. Your upstairs neighbor lets their pet elephant stampede around. These jarring noises immediately draw your attention, waking you up and undoing your valiant efforts to get to sleep. The solution? Introduce a noise that’s consistent enough to drown out all others, yet not so distracting that it demands your attention — a healthy bit of background noise, courtesy of a white noise machine.

The Homedics White Noise Sound Machine comes with six different sound options to mimic a natural environment: white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer nights, or (a personal favorite) a babbling brook. Lightweight, compact, and available in three colors, you can make these devices a useful addition to your bedside cabinet. Simply set the timer, adjust the volume, and let the sounds carry you off to a blissful night of sleep.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Avoiding blue light from TV screens, phones, and computer monitors is one effective way to make it easier to sleep. This is because blue light disrupts your body’s production of melatonin, a hormone that helps us sleep.

Sounds good, in theory, but in today’s digital age putting away our devices is is easier said than done — especially if you’ve developed a habit of spending a few minutes scrolling through Instagram every night in bed like… ahem… people who shall remain unnamed. Fortunately, there’s an option for people who want access to an easier night of sleep without having to completely give up their screens. Blue light blocking glasses filter the blue light produced by digital devices so your body can produce melatonin and prep itself for a night of rest.

We’re quite partial to the Sleep ZM Blue Light Blocking Glasses. They come in several stylish designs, have fits for men and women, and have a lightweight frame for extended use. With these glasses, it won’t be the blue light from your phone or laptop keeping you awake. Unfortunately, these glasses can’t filter out the stress associated with doomscrolling your timeline or reading your work emails, but we’ll take any improvements we can get.


Kindle Paperwhite

If you’re the type of person who prefers reading late at night, we’ve got just the device for you. Forget about relying on lamps and straining your eyes in the dark while you’re determined to read how the hero escapes this latest kerfuffle. Unlike physical books, Kindles come with built in lights to help you read at any time of night. Additionally, unlike the average phone or computer screen, Kindle Paperwhites come with an adjustable warm light that’s easy on the eyes.

The newest Kindle Paperwhite model comes with a larger display, thinner border, and up to 10 weeks of battery life. The best part about using them is the 300 ppi display that reads just like real paper. There’s nothing quite so cozy as spending time with your favorite characters before you catch some Zs.


Alarm Clock

We know, we know. Some of you just furrowed your brows and thought, “Why would I need an alarm clock when I have an alarm app on my phone?” But that’s the thing. It’s not the only app you have on your phone, is it? You also have social media apps, text messages, email alerts, and about a few hundred other reasons to keep using your phone throughout the night instead of shutting your eyes and getting some rest. For some people, the temptation that phones present can be a distraction in and of itself, and that means a harder time getting to sleep. This is why it’s advantageous to set your phone aside completely and use an alarm clock instead.

The Buffbee Alarm Clock is a 2-in-1 system that comes with a built-in Sound Machine as well, making it an awesome tool to help you sleep. You can choose between five different alarm sounds, from beeping to birds chirping and more. If those aren’t enough bells and whistles, this clock  also features seven different night color options and a display dimmer to set to your ideal brightness.

Rest Easy

When it comes to something as vital as sleep, it’s important to invest in making sure you get the best rest you can, night after night. The implications for your physical and mental health are too important not to, and the options you have at your fingertips are too effective not to give them a try. Whether you’re a late-night reader or a late-night scroller, everyone deserves to be able to easily slip into a night of steady rest. Just make sure you don’t sleep on checking back in with Shopper Advocate to learn more about modern gadgets that can improve your life.

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