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The Top 5 Premium Hair Straighteners of 2024

Ultimate Guide To The Best Hair Iron. Expert Review and Testing.

Your hair is the frame of your face, and we are obsessed with it here at Shoppers Advocate. When you meet people, one of the first things they notice is your face and hair. Who doesn’t like producing good first impressions? 

Healthy-looking, glossy hair will do wonders for your self-confidence and shave off years of your appearance.

An excellent hair straightener is a great ally in your corner, and it’s worth doing a little research before you spend hard-earned cash on them. We’ve researched them because a good straightener will make your hair look sleek, less frizzy, and stylish. But a bad flat iron can fry your hair and cause damage.

The main culprit behind damaged hair from straighteners is heat. Too much heat burns the hair cuticle, causing irreparable harm. Yet, properly used heat brings luster to your hair. 

So, the right tool is vital. Current technology on hair straighteners is better than ever. Why not take advantage of it? 

What to look for in a modern hair straighter?

Modern flat irons have the latest tech innovations and features that help you keep your hair healthy and damage-free while straightening.

Check for:
1. Floating Ceramic Plates – Floating plates technology allows the plates to tilt at varying angles in response to the tension you apply when the straightener slides down your hair. It prevents snagging and breakage.
Ceramic plates distribute the heat evenly, reducing the risk of hot spots that can fry your hair.

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2.Adjustable Heat Settings – Hair varies in thickness, and yours may need more or less heat than other people. Some of the best flat irons on the market have digital displays that allow you to see the exact temperature, which helps you avoid damage.

3.Infrared Infrared Technology – Infrared light penetrates deep into your hair cuticle, sealing in its natural moisture and adding silky shine.

Studies suggest red light therapy may positively impact hair follicles.
Studies suggest red light therapy may positively impact hair follicles.

4.Versatility – The best ones can straighten, curl, or wave your hair.

5.Dual Voltage and 360° Swivel Cord – Flat irons that have dual voltage capability and a 360° swivel cord provide effortless styling anywhere, anytime.

6.Steam – This NEW tech is a game changer. New hair straighteners in 2023 are beginning to use “steam-tech” because it combines heat and moisture to nurture health, preventing the dryness and damage associated with traditional dry heat straighteners.

Steam helps nourish hair

Steam ensures your hair remains hydrated and pliable during the straightening process, reducing the number of passes needed and minimizing potential damage. As a result, your hair retains its natural strength and shine, making steam straighteners a preferable option for healthier, straightened hair.

Our TOP 5 Hair Straightener Picks

Best overall rating for silky, healthy, damage-free styling.

Regular Price: $259


Hands down, the Infrarose Steam Styler is our number one choice! This straightener uses “steam-tech” to prevent dryness and brittleness. The steam chamber is what really wowed us when it came down to effectiveness and overall hair health after straightening.

The Infrarose Steam Styler checks off all the items above and creates healthier-looking hair. High-end flat irons like this one elevate your hair-styling routine, and they are engineered to last, making your investment pay for itself over years to come.

Top hair stylists are using the Infrarose Steam Styler. Celebrity stylist Jessica Rose told us, “The infrarose steam styler is my new secret weapon to give my clients beautifully styled hair with minimal damage — it produces awesome shine too!”

Between the steam, the infrared technology, and the wide plates, the Infrarose Steam Styler is a time-saving hero — which makes a big impact when you’re trying to get out the door in a hurry!

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Regular Price: $499

Our second option, the Dyson Corral, stands out for its versatile features. 

A noticeable downside: many users report this cordless flat iron doesn’t hold charge for very long, which can slow down the styling process. Others find its weight and bulkiness make the handling and storage less convenient. 

The Dyson Corral straightener offers commendable hair straightening capabilities, earning the second spot on our list.




Regular Price: $499

We were notably impressed by the Dyson Airstrait’s features. Its adaptability to different hair types and lengths caught our attention, and the “hot air” approach and user-friendly nature were definite positives.




Regular Price: $279

The GHD Max Styler impressed us with its compatibility with dry, fine hair, and we appreciated the noticeable boost in hair shine it provided.

This flat iron didn’t rank higher due to concerns arising from its limited effectiveness on other hair types. Customer feedback indicated discomfort during use and difficulty reaching close to the scalp. 

Although the GHD Max Styler delivered satisfactory results for us, we hesitate to justify its cost.




Regular Price: $279

The GHD Platinum Styler has certainly earned its spot as the #5 contender on our list of hair straighteners, thanks to a notable pro that’s hard to ignore. It excels at transforming lifeless, unruly locks into sleek, glossy strands — but only for certain hair types.

While it performs exceptionally well on fine hair, it falls short when it comes to tackling more diverse hair textures. Some users with thicker or coarser hair reported that it struggled to straighten their strands effectively. We are looking forward to reviewing future versions of the GHD Platinum Styler




After comparing different steam straighteners, we found the ultimate winner: Infrarose Steam Styler.

It impressed us because it has the most innovative and effective features out of all the straighteners that we tried. Everyone on our team who used it noticed how soft, shiny, and healthy their hair looked. We loved it so much that we decided to make it our top pick for the best steam hair straighteners of 2023.

Sure, some of the other straighteners have their own advantages, but Infrarose Steam Styler seems to be the most effective for smoothing and straightening hair, adding shine and moisture, and reducing frizz…making it the most common sense choice for us.

So if you’re looking for a trustworthy, high-quality steam straightener that actually works, we highly recommend trying Infrarose Steam Styler.

It can help give you super sleek hair, silky smoothness, a beautiful shine, and healthier-looking hair that lasts all day.

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