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The Only Beauty Brands You Need In Your Life

Shopping for beauty products can go two ways: 1) it’s a happy jaunt down the yellow-brick-road of beautification success, glowing with desired results and happy campers. You find what you need, you buy it, it works, everyone wins. OR… 2) it’s a frustrating trudge down a shoddy trail of questionable products that leave you feeling cheated and ugly. In order to make sure none of our readers ever experience the unpleasantness of what I call a “womp-womp” purchase, I’ve listed 4 brands that are ALWAYS solid choices for any beauty product.

The companies below have a proven track record of cosmetic expertise. These are pros who kill it in every venture they embark upon in the world of beauty. From rejuvenating eye creams, to blemish-erasing sunscreens these masters of physical care have a loyal base of diehard customers for a reason. So if you ever find yourself in a jam and in need of a trustworthy brand that knows the ins and outs of glamour, refer to this list and invest in a verified beauty leader that never disappoints.

For The Woman Who Has Tried Everything – Skin Research Institute

Still on the search for the perfect serum? Want a rejuvenating eye-cream that works so well it seems like it’s injecting youthful years back into your cheeks with every dab? The Skin Research Institute (SRI) is a well renowned company that uses the power of science to create products that are exhaustively researched and tested (not on animals of course) in their FDA-Approved labs. SRI specializes in skin products especially with their insanely popular eye cream, RebornEye. RebornEye is a prime example of the effective yet seamless blend between clinical science and natural beauty that SRI is known for. It is composed of Medical-Grade collagen that targets lackluster, saggy under-eye areas in need of a burst of youthful vitality. SRI doesn’t just handle the skin side of things. They also recently launched their SRI Straight Pro Hair Straightener that customers can’t stop raving about thanks to the cutting-edge negative ion technology that ensures strand health. SRI is one of the few companies that take a calculated approach to the beauty industry and use only proven methods when it comes to their products. The result? A repertoire of killer cosmetic tools that you should definitely check out if you are pining for a new beauty staple.

For The Woman Who Can’t Stop Shopping – Clinique

We all know her. She’s the bubble of temptation inside of us whenever we browse products, urging us to try the new serum or mask that’s “guaranteed” to give us perfect skin. Most of us can resist our beauty fairy spirit guide, while some of us just have to succumb to the impulse and buy buy buy. For those who can say no, good for you. For those who have to at least try the latest & maybe greatest and could fill a bath tub with their current lineup of skin care products: Clinique is the brand for you. As a division of the timeless company “Estee Lauder”, Clinique is home to hundreds of products and for the girl who can never get enough, Clinique just might be the answer to your never-ending quest for flawless, dewy skin.

For The Woman Who Doesn’t Have Time – GlamGlow

If you’re constantly on the go and the last thing you want to do is add a five step beauty regimen to your day (that might not even work) you need to try GlamGlow. GlamGlow is time efficient and cuts to the chase when it comes to skin rejuvenation and upkeep. This brand features a series of face masks and cleansers that eliminate the need for any other product that cuts shopping and applying time in half. And if you’re REALLY scrapped for time, GlamGlow offers an overnight face mask that lets the magic of its skin enhancing formula get to work while you collect those coveted Zs.

For the All-Natural Woman – Mad Hippie

All-Natural ingredients are fast becoming a requirement for beauty brands that take the benefits of their products and happiness of their customers seriously. Every single brand on this list boasts a fresh ingredients label with science-back formulas. However, free-spirit favorite Mad Hippie takes their love for all things Earth born to the next level.

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