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TikTok beauty products that are actually worth the hype

Are you a beauty aficionado and you finally caved in and downloaded TikTok? Then you know the app has more to offer than “Renegade” dances, fashion hauls and food hacks. TikTok is the perfect place to discover new cult favorites, affordable beauty finds, and under-the-radar products that real users tried and tested. But maybe you’re not an avid TikTok user (yet). If so, check out TikTok’s most recommended and lust-worthy beauty products that actually live up to all the hype. A serum that will give you the perfect glow? The face mask that will finally fade out wrinkles and acne marks? Sky-high lashes that will make you want to take a million selfies? It’s all in this list of the best TikTok beauty products of 2021.


If TikTok reviews have proven anything, is that one layer of this magical frozen cream is enough to give you filter-like skin. Vue De Pulang’s Frozen Cream Moisturizer is a freezable gel-based cream that’s packed with 10 natural botanicals such as bamboo juice, birch sap and waterlily.

The product has two key ingredients. Niacinamide helps regulate oil and minimize pores, redness. and blotchiness. Hyaluronic acid reduces fine lines and gives you hydrated and plumpy skin.

Throw this baby into the freezer and wait for a few hours before rubbing it on your skin. The gel-like cream will make you feel like you poured a glass of chilly ice water on your skin. Use it for about a week, and your skin will look younger and healthier. Any blemishes and redness will fade away, and wrinkles will be less visible.


If you’ve been addictively scrolling through thousands of TikTok beauty videos, chances are, The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution has been popping up left and right. But just because this blood-like concoction looks cool as hell on camera, it’s seriously powerful, especially if you’ve never used a chemical exfoliant before. But don’t be scared! All you need to do is follow directions and use it one or two times per week. Thanks to its concentrated blend of AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution, this TikTok fave promises to transform your skin by deeply exfoliating the surface layer which improves skin texture, gets rid of blemishes, and evens out your skin tone.


Yes, this is probably the prettiest powder blush on TikTok right now, not only due to its adorable cotton-candy-like puff stick, but because this loose powder blush also delivers an exquisitely delicate flush to your cheeks. The formula in Jill Stuart Loose Powder Blush spreads easily and is super blendable thanks to the delicate mix of rosemary, lavender, avocado, and almond oils. But that’s not all. It also features Jill Stuart Crystal floral bouquet scent. This TikTok-approved blush is perfect for anyone looking for that natural sun-kissed flush because each application picks up the perfect amount of blush, so you can’t overdo it with this one.


TikTok users swear by Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops, a brightening face serum that gives you a glossy finish – no matter your skin type – and even helps reduce hyperpigmentation over time.

This highlighting skincare + makeup hybrid has niacinamide, watermelon, hyaluronic acid, and moringa seed oil, which come together to create a lightweight emulsion that dries quickly.

To get that dewy glass-skin glow, apply as a serum before moisturizing or blending your foundation. It will leave your skin illuminated, hydrated, and moisturized. For a double highlight, dab a bit of serum on your cheekbones, nose, and Cupid’s bow and layer some highlighter on top.


With over 400% growth and millions of views and likes, Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara has sold out four times at Ulta thanks to TikTok fans. Impressive, right? But can mascara technology really evolve to the point where lash extensions and falsies are a thing of the past? According to the beauty community on TikTok, it definitely can. Maybelline’s latest mascara has a flexible plastic wand that catches even the shortest and tiniest baby lashes. It delivers a dramatic, falsie-like finish with no clumps.


This innovative Revlon Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Roller face roller is one of those beauty products that will make your heart sing. Not only does it eliminate excess oil thanks to its revolutionary rollerball made from real volcanic stone, but you can use this volcanic face roller again and again. And it’s super simple to wash too. Just remove the cap, roll it over shiny, oily skin, and watch how it blots away excess oil. You can even use it over foundation and it won’t mess up your makeup.