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What is Hanacure, the Korean beauty mask everyone’s so obsessed with?

A trendy new beauty treatment has taken hold in the past couple of years. Especially after Drew Barrymore promoted it on Instagram. She claimed this product is so effective and that it “makes you look so fresh” and “when you take it off you are ten years younger.” It’s gained a cult-like following among other celebrities too. Like Demi Moore, Jennifer Connolly, Frankie Grande and the Kardashians. We’re talking of course about Hanacure, the skincare product that created a huge buzz on the internet.

What does Hanacure do?

Hanacure is a South Korean “all-in-one” at-home facial mask. It claims to erase dark spots, smooth wrinkles, minimize pores and eliminate puffiness. The product comes with two main components. You get a lifting serum and a gelling solution. You combine and shake them to activate them. Then you brush the resulting solution onto your face, hands and neck. Then you wait for 30 minutes.

And that’s when the product’s Instagram-worthy magic happens.

Despite Hanacure’s promise of youthful radiance, the mask first gives your face the effect of rapid aging during the 30-minute wait period while you wear it. This is because any small movement cracks the gel while it hardens. The produces a wrinkled texture that makes you look, well, old. The result is startling. But it’s also eye-catching. So no wonder why Hanacure has generated so much attention on social media.

In addition to the creepy appearance Hanacure takes on, it supposedly lifts and absorbs all those everyday impurities on your skin. And it also works to soothe irritated and sensitive skin. When you finally rinse it away with warm water, you reveal your freshly rejuvenated face. You can check out lots of examples on the company’s Instagram page. The company claims that 93% of users would recommend its products to friends and family members.

What are the ingredients in Hanacure?

But what are the ingredients in Hanacure? And just what do they do? The full list of the mask’s ingredients is available on the company’s website, but there are two main components. The first is botanicals such as honeysuckle flower and green tea extract. The second is a variety of peptides, amino acids which dermatologists acknowledge can brighten and tighten skin. Ultimately, the main effect of the mask is a moisturizing one. And you already know that moisturizing is one key to healthy skin.

Does Hanacure work?

It would seem so. We must say that with more than 8,000 five-star reviews from its customers, it’s hard to deny Hanacure has an edge over the competition. And the product has also earned praise from Vanity Fair magazine, which remarked on how Hanacure “appeared seemingly out of nowhere” to gain popularity on the internet, and called it the “face mask of youth.” Vogue magazine described the mask’s effects as “providing instant gratification.”

Is it worth the money?

Hanacure’s All-In-One Facial Starter Kit retails for $29, while the Deluxe Set is $110. Other products the company offers include a Nano Emulsion Moisturizer for $47 and Microphol Neutralizing Cleanser for $28. When the products have received negative reviews, the focus on what users disliked tends to be the price. Many users who admitted that Hanacure more or less does what it says it’s going to do offset their praise. They claim that the price is too steep anyway. In the end, you will need to decide for yourself if this effective moisturizing facial mask fits into your budget.