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This supplement seemed to be frequently bought but did not have the same consistent results as other products. The formula was a potent mixture of enzymes, however it included a controversial additive that almost disqualified it from our list.

Company Background:

Dr. Tobias himself is a German doctor who used his personal experiences as an obese child to shape the way he does science. After spending years battling his own health problems, the medical professional turned to the supplement industry in an effort to remedy a wide range of ailments. Dr. Tobias’ mission statement is to promote health and happiness to all people.

  • Ships quickly and oftentimes arrives ahead of schedule
  • Made in USA in cGMP-Compliant manufacturing facility
  • The team of enzymes were able to combat some symptoms

  • Customers experienced weight gain due to maltodextrin
  • No desiccant included in bottle to help displace moisture
  • Some shoppers complained of an increase in cholesterol after using this product


Ingredients and Effectiveness

The combination Dr. Tobias used in his digestive enzyme supplement was an adequate mixture of nutrients and we were pleased to see that he added Aspergillopepsin to help digest gluten. These supplements also contain dairy, which make it unfit for lactose intolerant sufferers. Lastly, there was a huge red flag on the nutrition label that we will discuss in the safety category below.

Supplement Safety

Dr. Tobias uses an additive called maltodextrin and this filler almost made us scrap this product from our list. Recently, maltodextrin has been in and out of the press causing an excess of side effects like weight gain and higher cholesterol. The risk maltodextrin poses is almost worse than the original indigestion symptoms and we were shocked that a medical expert like Dr. Tobias would even think about using it.


There was absolutely no mention of a money back guarantee neither on the product page nor anywhere on the website, which was a big concern.


While the digestive enzyme formula seemed to be a potent combination the two large concerns sunk Dr. Tobias to last place on our list. Maltodextrin is a serious hazard that should not be added to any supplement that promotes itself as “healthy”. Plus the fact that there is no money back guarantee available just shows that Dr. Tobias doesn’t trust his own supplement. We would only recommend this product to people who have cash to spare and don’t mind a little weight gain.


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