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5 period products to make your next time of the month a lot easier

Most of us stick to the same routine during every period cycle. This routine includes using the same kind of period products every month.  Period products are now more than tampons and pads, and if you’re not taking new menstruation products into consideration, you could be preventing yourself from a much easier experience. Many alternative menstrual products make your period as easy, painless, safe and comfortable as possible. Keep reading to find out the five period products that you should add to your next menstrual cycle.

Thinx Period Underwear

The thought of using period underwear can be scary at first. But now more than ever bands are releasing top quality options. You can rock cute underwear and get great leak protection at the same time. Thinx Period Underwear is a great place to start. The brand offers eight different styles to choose from. The underwear absorbs two tampons worth of blood and neutralizes odor. Thinx underwear contain a leak-resistant moisture barrier to keep you dry, and won’t give you that bulky feelings pads give. The underwear was designed to replace other feminine hygiene products, but you can wear them with tampons or menstrual cups if you choose. A major benefit of period underwear is they are reusable, will save you money and are great for the environment. Throw your period panty in the washing machine on cold, and hang to dry.

Emme Smart Case

For many of us, birth control regulates our period or controls pain and other symptoms. It’s important to take your pill on time every day. But it’s very common to forget about it. Not being consistent with your birth control pill can throw off your cycle and cause spotting, and increase the risk of pregnancy. If you need a reminder to take the pill, the Emme Smart birth control case might be the product for you. This case pairs with an app to track the pills you do (and don’t) take. The app records each pill you take automatically, updating your smart case within the app. The app then sends you reminders to take your pill only if you need them. The Emme app is available for both iOS and Android.

Callaly Tampliner

Inserting a tampon wrong can be uncomfortable and discourage you from using tampons altogether. On top of that, many people who wear tampons also wear panty liners for extra protection. The Callaly Tampliner is a feminine product created by gynecologist Alex Hooi. Dr. Hooi wanted an alternative to the common tampon/liner combo. The Tampliner consists of a soft mini-liner and organic cotton tampon connected by a virtual applicator. The mini-liner serves as extra leak protection and a way to insert the connected tampon safely and with ease. Thus, it offers better protection than regular liners. Regular liners rest on your underwear, while this 100% organic cotton mini-liner folds between the labia. This product is a great choice for those that need extra protection during a cycle.

Rael Heating Patch

Heat can relieve menstrual cramps, but not everyone has a heating pad with them at all times. A Rael Heating Patch can give you the much needed heat relief, anywhere you need it at any time. Rael’s heating patches heat up to a “ideal therapeutic temperature.” The patches stimulate blood flow and help your muscles relax to ease cramping. Each patch contains with lemon balm, juniper berry, rosehip, dandelion root and jasmine. The patches do not include any chemicals that will disrupt your hormones. Remember to apply the patches on your undergarments, not directly on the skin.

Bonjour Jolie Subscription Box

Period subscription boxes are a great way to keep your period supplies stocked in time for every cycle, without having to make a trip to the store. There are plenty of period subscription boxes out there, but the Bonjour Jolie Subscription Box offers a great mix of hygiene products and other period goods. Each box comes with a hand curated gift, bath and body pampering items, specialty teas/drinks, artisan confection, menstrual items, hygiene wipes, and Advil. Aside form their standard box, the brand has four alternative boxes called Just The Goods (the regular box without menstrual supplies), First Period Box (for those about to start their period journey) Men’s Box (for transgender men), and the Gender Neutral Box. These boxes bring all your menstrual needs to your front door.