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Best Teeth Whitening Strips

Get Perfect, White Teeth Without a Dentist

White teeth are one of the most desiring attributes anyone can poses. If you ask anyone what makes a person attractive, more often than not, you will find “a great, white smile” mentioned in the top three results.

White teeth are a clear sign of good health, but also a status symbol. Having a bright smile will not only make your ex that dumped you jealous, but will also help your chances on that interview for your dream job. You also want your smile to shine in those wedding and prom photos, even without Photoshop.

We won’t lie, the best idea is to just live a healthy lifestyle, following a good oral hygiene routine, and your teeth will whiten up gradually. But who has time for that?

Your second option is to pay dentist a visit and get professional treatment. However, that is literally what you have to do, “pay for a visit.” Dentists cost, and they cost a lot, and often your health insurance doesn’t cover their services. Yes, getting your teeth whitened by a dentist is the best idea, but who has money for that?

Don’t worry, we have a solution for you.

How to get your teeth whiter when on a tight budget?

Nowadays white teeth are no longer reserved for celebrities and those who can give a few hundred to a dentist; you can whiten your teeth at home, for cheap. Your answer are over the counter solutions: whitening toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, mouthwash, and strips. Although all of these methods are budget-friendly, and reasonably effective (some more than the other), one towers above all other – whitening strips. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Fast-acting  whitening toothpaste, for example, the most popular whitening solution, takes a while to start showing results. Whitening strips will show results much faster than all other over-the-counter white teeth solutions.
  • Easy to use – you just firmly press the strip on your teeth, and let it sit like that for the prescribed amount of time, that’s it. You should do it once or twice a day, and usually, after a week or two, your teeth will become significantly whiter.
  • Safe – just follow the instructions, get your strips from a trusted source, and you will be perfectly fine. There is a reason why strips are sold over the counter – they are safe to use. Still, a general caution is recommended, especially if you have sensitive teeth or issues with your gums.
  • Affordable – unlike getting a dentist to whiten your teeth, strips will not cost a fortune. You can find quality, effective strips for less than $50, which is incomparable to what you would pay a dentist to get about the same results. That makes strips an excellent value for money, probably the best in the whole dental whitening industry.

Are there any disadvantages of using teeth whitening strips?

There are a few:

  • They are not for everyone – to apply the strips correctly you need to have somewhat straight teeth. If your teeth are crooked or uneven, strips are not for you. Also, strips only whiten the tooth enamel. If you have crowns, implants, or other dental work, they will remain unchanged. And strips often cause tooth sensitivity, so use with some caution.
  • Your teeth will only LOOK healthier – ideally, strips are for people who have healthy teeth, and want to make them just a little whiter. They are not a replacement for proper dental care, nutrition, and a generally healthy lifestyle. If you smoke two packs and drink six coffees a day, white teeth should be the least of your concerns.

Tips for buying teeth whitening strips

Here are a few things you need to pay attention to when browsing for whitening strips:

  • Sensitivity – teeth sensitivity is something that often follows whitening strips. That is why you should go slowly, especially if you have a history of sensitive teeth. The most effective, but the most irritating ingredient in whitening strips is hydrogen peroxide. If you have sensitive teeth, you want a lower concentration or no peroxide in your strips. The second factor is exposure time, or the amount of time you are supposed to apply the strips to your teeth. The longer it takes, the more likely the strips are to irritate. So it’s all about finding the right balance, and you need to find strips that are strong enough to whiten your teeth, but mild enough not to cause any irritation or problems.
  • Level of Whitening – think twice about this. You don’t want to get too far, as it might look unnatural. That is especially true if you are a heavy smoker and coffee drinker and you have stained, yellow teeth. In that case, even a slight improvement will make a world of difference, and your looks will improve. Stronger solutions will have a higher peroxide percentage, and you will need to apply them for longer, both of which increase irritation probability. Our advice is to go a shade or two whiter than your teeth are now. You don’t want your teeth to look like they are fake.
  • Price – this is a significant factor, but you shouldn’t base your choices solely on the price. It is a good idea not to buy the cheapest anything, and it is very true for teeth whitening strips. After all, your teeth are so precious, and you don’t want to take any unnecessary risks by choosing a suspicious product only because it is the most affordable one of all.


Crest Professional Whitestrips

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Teeth Whitening Kit, 20 Treatments

Crest is becoming a synonym for teeth whitening products, and Professional Whitestrips are a great example why. This is a leading brand with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

What makes Crest Professional Whitestrips unique is the long-lasting effect they leave. With adequate dental care, you can expect your teeth to remain white for over a year. That makes Crest a more budget-friendly solution than it initially seems, as it offers great “cost-per-day” if we can put it that way.

These strips contain peroxide, making them very effective. You can expect to see the first results after only three days of use. The full results will show in just twenty days. Moreover, you should use these only once each day, which makes them very convenient. Just make sure you read the label, and apply the strips as described.

Since they do contain peroxide, even the label says that the potency might cause irritation. You should be extra careful if you have sensitive teeth. Still, these strips are proven to remove over a decade worth of cigarette and coffee staining, and numerous positive reviews from delighted customers confirm that they are the best buy.

  • Reputable brand
  • Fast results – first changes in three, brightening white teeth in twenty days
  • Long lasting effects, great value
  • Convenient, once per day use
  • Remove 10+ years of stains

  • Peroxide – effective, but causes irritation


Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips by Sonimart

Professional Teeth Whitening Strips with Non-Slip Tech

For externally discolored teeth are often responsible tobacco, red wine, coffee or tea.

If your sensitive teeth don’t allow you to use peroxide-based whitening solutions, but you still want those pearly whites to shine, these strips are for you. They are mild, safe, and won’t cause any irritation, primarily because they contain no peroxide. That makes them a little less potent than some other solutions that have a substantial percentage of peroxide. Still, that doesn’t mean they are inefficient, far from it. Even if you are a lifelong smoker and a heavy coffee drinker, these strips will help to make your smile white again.

Sonimart strips are very convenient too, as you need to use them only once per day. Also, they fit your teeth comfortably, and won’t slip, making them easy to use. Still, some of the customers complain that these are a bit hard to remove from your teeth. But, in our opinion, it is better for them to stick firmly and do their job than to slip.  Additionally, these strips are a more budget-friendly alternative to some leading brands, while still maintaining a high quality, making them an excellent value for money.

  • 100% No Peroxide
  • Won’t cause irritation
  • Mild, yet effective
  • Apply only once per day

  • Not as effective as some other potent, peroxide-based solutions
  • A bit hard to remove


Bright White by Lovely Smile Premium Line

Sonimart Whitening Strips Teeth Whitening Kit, 22 Treatments

When used as directed, these teeth whitening strips will improve the whiteness of your teeth noticably with its unique oxygen activation formula. Use the whitening guide included to track how the whiteness of your teeth have improved

If you are looking for a super-fast solution, these strips are your best bet. You will notice first results right after the first use! The full results will come in just short 14 days. You can expect up to 5 shades brighter teeth in just a week. That makes Bright White a perfect choice for that wedding you completely forgot about. You will significantly whiten your teeth in just a matter of days and will look great in pictures like never before.

You are supposed to apply these strips once per day, for a full hour. However, they are more convenient than it initially seems as they have a no-slip technology that allows you to freely talk, and even drink water while having the strips work their magic. For this reason, they are an optimal solution to wear during your workouts – you will get your body toned, and teeth whitened in a one-two punch.

Still, these powerful strips do contain peroxide, which requires caution if you have sensitive or bad teeth. Also, although the strips hold on to your teeth without slipping, they are too hard to remove, which is the number one complaint people make.

  • Initial results only after the first 1-hour use
  • Full results in 14 days
  • Significantly whiter teeth in just 7 days
  • They will never slip
  • Talk, drink water while having them on

  • Peroxide – can cause sensitivity and pain
  • Really hard to remove from your teeth



Teeth whitening strips are an awesome quick-fix for yellow teeth. You will be week(s) away from having that beautiful smile you always wanted and making that special person finally notice you.

In this article, we tried to introduce you to the world of teeth whitening strips. Now you know what to look for when buying them, and you have three great examples to choose from.

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