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Everything You Need for a Mother’s Day At-Home Spa Day

Let’s face it. Busy moms deserve a break from all the overstimulating days (and nights) they’ve spent wrangling kids, all the countless hours spent in the pickup line, and every meal, injury, and fire she puts out daily. 


Whether she’s been hinting that she could use a day off or you just want to help the lovely mothers in your life get a little “me time,” helping her schedule an at-home spa day for Mother’s Day is a great way to show your support. It’s a thoughtful way to show you care and want her to feel pampered.

An at-home spa day is a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift that won’t break the bank. To help her relax and luxuriate with all the TLC she deserves, we’ve curated a list of the top eight products that will transform her bathroom into an at-home spa.

Our Top Picks for an At-Home Spa Day:

  • Ekouaer Women 2 Piece Silk Pajamas 
  • Mediheal Korean Sheet Masks
  • Koolaburra by UGG Women’s Burree Slipper
  • Manta Cool Sleep Mask 
  • Serenity Sanctuary Bubble Bath 
  • Hotouch Women’s Cotton Robe
  • Blriet Shower Steamer Aromatherapy 
  • AMC Theaters Gift Cards

Ekouaer Women 2 Piece Pajamas

How should every at-home spa day start? In your favorite PJs, of course! If the busy mom in your life needs a little pampering, let her sleep in and bring her breakfast. Then she can slip into this silky-smooth two-piece pajama set and enjoy her day of relaxation and zen. 


The cute lounge set is ideal for warmer months. Its beachy, loose-fitting vibe makes it both stylish and comfortable. The drawstring waistband makes it easy to get comfy, even while she’s enjoying a hearty breakfast complete with homemade chocolate-dipped strawberries you made.


Mediheal Korean Sheet Masks

It’s not a real at-home spa day unless she has a Korean face mask giving her an extra glow. Mediheal’s Korean Sheet Mask pack is the perfect choice if you aren’t sure what gift to get her.


The bundle includes multiple skin-soothing and nourishing products to hydrate, brighten, soften, and rejuvenate the skin. Sheet masks are great because they offer versatility. Busy moms can apply their favorite masks when soaking in the tub or lying on the couch watching their favorite show.


Koolaburra by UGG Women’s Burree Slipper

While UGG’s Burree Slipper is a bit pricey, it’s certainly a gift that keeps on giving. Look no further if you’re looking for a gift that gives her comfort, warmth, and style all wrapped into one little shoe. 

If you’re looking to make a little more of an investment, you could also go for the 100% leather Ugg Tasman Slipper, but the Burree Slipper is an ideal indoor house shoe. The EVA outsole provides cushion and comfort as you walk around the house, and the best part of a pair of UGGs is that they’re designed to last.


Manta Cool Sleep Mask

Tell Mum she can toss out that cheap airplane-freebie eye mask and replace it with a total blackout mask that puts no pressure on the eyes. This cooling eye mask offers relief for allergies, puffy eyes, migraines, normal headaches, and sinus relief. 


The eye pads are made with beads that provide the right level of coolness. It’s the perfect addition to an at-home spa day and a great way to level up your nap, meditation, or soothing face treatment. 


Toss the eye mask into the freezer to cool down the eye pads, and wrap it around your head to experience its cooling, soothing effects. If you think mom would love a traditional total blackout eye mask without the cooling effect, check out Manta’s other sleep mask options. 

The mask also works as a nighttime black-out eye mask to contribute to better sleep, which is something every mom needs.


Serenity Sanctuary Bubble Bath

Splish, splash. She was taking a bath and definitely was not worrying about her mile-long to-do list or the sound of her kids wrecking their toy room. Serenity Sanctuary’s Bubble Bath elixir gets delightfully foamy—realllllly foamy. 


The skin-soothing and body-loving Epsom salt turns the bubble bath up a notch. If you’re looking for a gift for a mom who loves to soak in the bath, a bubble bath set is the perfect complement to her favorite activity.


Hotouch Women’s Cotton Robe

Enter your Spa Mom era with a cotton bathrobe that will make moms feel like their favorite TV lady of leisure. She can slip into this lightweight, airy robe and start her Mother’s Day self-care extravaganza. 

Reviewers love the sleek, slim fit and sizes for all body types. The three-quarter sleeves elevate the look, while the waist belt ensures it stays comfy and snug whenever she wears it.


Blriet Shower Steamer Aromatherapy

Help Mom start or end her day with an at-home aromatherapy treatment. All she has to do is unwrap one of these goodies, place it somewhere steamy in the shower, like a soap dish, recessed nook, or on the floor, and let the soothing scents wash over her. 

The kit contains eight mood-boosting scents, including lavender, mint, grapefruit, camellia, rosemary, mint, and eucalyptus. Each shower steamer offers an enveloping spa experience that transforms any shower into a soothing, relaxing, at-home spa.


AMC Theaters Gift Cards

A spa day at home includes one thing that a traditional spa day wouldn’t — little humans asking mom to help them do things. Give her the gift of sweet, sweet silence during at-home spa day by taking the kids to the movies for a couple of hours. While dad or the lucky grandparents whisk away the little ones for popcorn and a flick, mom can enjoy her favorite glass of vino and home spa treatments. While we know this isn’t technically a gift for Mom, it definitely is, because she deserves a moment of quiet.

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