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Gut Microbiome Testing at Your Home

In this modern day and age, when ultra-processed foods are on every corner, staying fit and healthy can sometimes seem unattainable. Learning more about your body will enable you to take an active role in improving your health and wellness. But you cannot do that on your own. Instead, you need experts who can guide you in the right direction and make your journey for a healthier and stronger self enjoyable. 

DexaFit is just that type of company. They use innovative technologies together with science to help their clients learn more about their bodies and live a healthier life. From DEXA Scans for body composition analysis to at-home test kits, this company has a lot to offer. But, every journey needs to start from the beginning, right? 

So if you’re eager to get to know your body, the first step could be to get your gut microbiome tested. What on earth is microbiome??? It’s simply a collection of all microorganisms in the body, including both the good and bad bacteria. Gut microbiome promotes metabolism, digestion, and the immune system. 

In recent years, researchers have studied the gut microbiome in order to understand how it affects the  body and overall health. They have come to the conclusion that imbalanced gut microbiome may be linked to different health issues – autoimmune diseases, weight gain, and depression, to name a few. Some bad bacteria are even linked to serious diseases.    

If you would like to learn more about your gut microbiome, you can do that with an at home testing kit. There are several options on the market right now to choose from. We’ve opted for the one called the Explorer Gut Health Kit by uBiome. You can purchase it in DexaFit’s Online Store. Keep on reading to find out more about this particular product. 

Review of uBiome Explorer Gut Health Kit

The Explorer Gut Health Kit is a good choice for those who are curious to find out the types of bacteria that live in their body, as well as the diversity of that group.  

How Do You Use This Kit?

The kit is actually easy to use as it comes with everything you need to take a sample – two vials, two cotton swabs, a padded envelope, and instructions. Make sure to read the instructions prior to the sample collection. Once everything’s ready, simply swab your toilet paper and place the sample in the tube. Then put it in the padded envelope and send it to the lab. After several weeks (usually 4-6) you will be able to access your results online.  

But first, you’ll also be required to answer a survey regarding your lifestyle. This will provide the details needed to get more reliable and more accurate results. 

What About Results? 

Your sample will be compared to a huge reference database. The results will show you a complete breakdown of bacteria, both good and bad. You will learn if there are imbalances in your gut bacteria and if pathogenic bacteria related to serious diseases are found. 

Perhaps you will realize that it’s time to take a food allergies test because some research shows that gut health can be related to food allergies. Knowing the bacteria in your body can help you become more conscious about the food you eat and your daily habits. 

When it comes to understanding your results, some of them will be easier to understand than others. But, in general, you should not have any problems. 

Although this breakdown can help, the Explorer testing kit IS NOT a diagnostic tool. The results will only give you general information about your microbiome and recommendations about increasing certain needed bacteria. After all, this is a starter kit. This means that it can lay the foundation for further examination of your gut microbiome.

If that’s the case, then you can purchase DexaFit uBiome Consultation after receiving your gut microbiome results. That lets you schedule a consultation with their licensed professionals to get an elaborate explanation on your microbiome and how to improve it. 


  • You can test your microbiome at home
  • Easy to sample your microbiome 
  • Careful and elaborate breakdown of the microbiome 
  • Recommendations for diet 


  • This is not a diagnostic tool 
  • For actionable steps towards improving your gut health, you would need to purchase DexaFit uBiomeConsultation

More about DexaFit Company

As mentioned, DexaFit is a company dedicated to helping people learn more about their bodies so they can stay healthy and fit. DexaFit works with other companies, gyms, and wellness professionals with the same mission. DexaFit’s online store allows you to purchase products for at home testing (like the Explorer Gut Health Kit that we’ve just reviewed) and DexaFit locations where you can enjoy a range of services. Here’s an overview of just some of them: 

  • 3d scan – can help get the accurate measurements of your body and discover imbalances so you can see how far you’ve come with your fitness and wellness plan. 
  • Red light therapy  – Red light therapy is known to improve your skin by healing acne and slowly eliminating scars. It also helps you recover quickly from your workout, improves thyroid function, and reduces joint inflammation. 
  • Dexafit body composition analysis (Dexa) – This is an FDA-approved method for analyzing your body composition. In addition, it also gives you information on ‘skinny fat’, VAT (Visceral Adipose Tissue) and muscle symmetry. 

If you would like to learn what else this company offers, you can go to their website. 

Final Thoughts 

Being healthy is literally the most important thing in your life. When you’re healthy, you can focus on everyday tasks and do the things that bring you pleasure and happiness. Be kind to your mind and body and, in return, it will enable you an enjoyable life. 

Erica Mesirov has a Master's degree in holistic nutrition and writes the award winning blog Eat, Lose, Gain. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, her dog and her two kittens. When she isn't helping people live vibrantly, Erica spends her time watching girl movies, reading books her mom would say don't challenge her, and making lopsided pottery creations.