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Upgrade your lawn and garden with these 15 cool, inexpensive products

Maybe you’re planning a barbecue, pool party or just a casual backyard hang. No matter what the event is, you’re probably wondering if your outdoor space is ready for guests and entertaining. Does it need a bit of an upgrade? If so, here are 15 lawn and garden products under that will instantly give your yard a refresh so that you can be guest ready just in time for summer without breaking the bank.

SUNLIFER Wood Fire Pit

Is there any greater feeling than sitting around a fire pit on a summer night after the sun goes down? The SUNLIFER Wood Fire Pit not only provides warmth on a chilly night, but it’s great for s’more making and a small backyard barbecue. No tools are needed for assembly and it’s very easy to clean and store when not in use.

Bamboo Accents Water Fountain

If you’re looking to add a little tranquility to your yard or garden, consider a mini pond or fountain. This takes as little as five minutes to set up so you’ll be listening to the soothing sounds of flowing water and feeling like you’re at your very own personal spa in no time.

Hemiua Bug Zapper

There’s nothing worse than coming inside from a wonderful night outside to realize that you’re now completely covered in bug bites. That’s why a bug zapper is the perfect addition for your lawn. This zapper is waterproof and attracts mosquitoes, flies and gnats. The grid is also fenced, which provides protection for people and animals.

7 inch Round Self Watering Planter

A pop of color can add an instant upgrade to your garden. Grouping small colorful pots full of bright flowers together is a budget friendly way to decorate and it will definitely garner some attention.

Mkono Ceramic Wall Planter

Hanging some vertical plants in your garden is a great and easy way to create a lot of impact. There are so many options with what you can hang including potted flowers, a whole vertical garden, or if you’re looking for some added privacy and protection, shrubs and hedges. This hanging wall planter has three types of plants – cactus, herbs and succulents – all in one planter and it can add a sleek, modern look to any garden.

addlon 48 FT Outdoor String Lights

Adding some light to your outdoor area may not seem like a big thing, but it can change the whole look and feel instantly. These outdoor string lights are weatherproof, have a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness to any and all atmospheres and are easy to hang with hooks, guide wires or zip ties.

FANTIAN Natural Polished White Pebbles

For anywhere that doesn’t need a flat surface for sitting, adding some gravel is a great way to reduce landscaping costs while not sacrificing a high end look. Gravel is actually one of the cheapest materials out there for a garden and it’s easy to lay yourself.

blue page Outdoor Bohemian Diamond Throw Pillow Covers

While outdoor furniture can sometimes get expensive, sprucing up your outdoor décor with an accent pillow can be relatively affordable. Plus they make your outdoor furniture all that more comfortable.

HOMFY Kitchen Carts on Wheels Vintage Wine Bar

Forget all the going back and forth and in and out for drinks by adding an outdoor bar cart to your yard. Load it up with drinks and snacks, wheel it outside and just enjoy.

ArtBloom 24 Bundles Outdoor Artificial Lavender

Sure, the real deal is nice, but sometimes they’re too much work, especially considering they are seasonal. That’s why some ‘fauxliage’ might be the way to go. You can find fauxliage in the form of flowers, shrubs, grass or greenery. It’s an easy way to brighten up your garden no matter what season it is.

Santino Self Watering Planter

Don’t forget that once you plant flowers, you also have to water them to keep them alive. If that sounds like too much responsibility, try a self-watering plant pot. They will make sure your plants and flowers get the water they need to stay healthy. These Santino Self-Watering Planters come in all sorts of colors and, thanks to optimal air circulation, they help plants grow faster.

2x4basics AnySize Chair or Bench Ends

This will immediately upgrade your lawn’s look while providing a comfortable and cozy place to sit. With the Any Size Chair or Bench you can build your own bench, loveseat or chair.

EverKing Hanging Rope Hammock Chair

This is a great idea for both kids and adults. This hanging rope hanging swing is comfortable and is easy to relocate if necessary. You can put it on a balcony, deck, in a backyard or on a lawn. It’s also machine washable so it’s nice and easy to clean.

SUNFACE River Rock Stepping Stones

This will definitely add some flair to your outdoor space. These Sunface River Rock Stepping Stones are not only decorative, but they’re functional as well. They’re also water-resistant and easy to install.

Scuddles Garden Tools Set

Of course, if you’re going to be gardening you’re going to need a tool set. This 8-piece gardening kit is for both men and women. It comes with a tool organizer and is made with anti-rust stainless steel. The hand organizer tote bag it comes with makes it easy to take the tools anywhere and is machine washable.