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Best Thermal Brushes of 2024: Amika, Moroccan Oil, Perfecto, and GHD

Our top pick offers something the other thermal brushes don’t…

Exploring thermal brushes: are these trending thermal brushes worth the hype (and your hard-earned money)?

There’s nothing like getting up from the salon chair and catching a glimpse of yourself with a fresh blowout. You want the style (and feeling that comes with it) to last as long as possible. But how do you freshen up second, third, or even fourth day hair with the same results? This is where a heated round brush enters the conversation.

It’s only natural to wonder if an airless, heated round brush is actually better than your good old blow dryer and round brush combo? Well let me tell you, after reviewing the top contenders on the market, and taking a (longer than necessary) leap down the thermal brush rabbit hole, it’s clear why thermal brushes are all the craze right now.

They’re great for adding volume, taming frizz, and making second-day hair look freshly styled without all the extra heat exposing your hair to heat damage.

As an experienced hairstylist, with two decades of experience, people are always asking me — which heated round brush is the best? We’ll reveal the top thermal brush pick of 2023 in just a moment.

But first, let’s explore the benefits.

Here’s How a Heated Thermal Brush Makes You Look Like You Just Got a Blowout

Here’s a few qualities you want your thermal brush to have for the best results:

1. Heat-Resistant Poly-Flex Bristles: We can’t stress the importance of heat-resistant bristles enough! This type of bristle shields your scalp from the heat and glides through your hair smoothly to minimize breakage and snagging.

2. Interchangeable Barrels for Different Styles: Variety is the spice of life, and the same goes for your hair styling tools! You can create different looks with interchangeable barrels to suit your mood or occasion. From tight curls to voluminous waves, being able to switch up barrel sizes gives you the flexibility to experiment with your style.

3. Ceramic Barrel for Smooth, Shiny Hair: Ceramic barrels are a must-have to achieve smooth, frizz-free styles. Ceramic round brushes are instrumental in even heat distribution needed to create a beautiful, polished blowout.

Bonus – Dual Voltage compatibility. This feature is a lifesaver for those who love to travel. It ensures that your thermal brush works just as well overseas as it does at home, making it a trusty companion for all your global adventures.

Our #1 Thermal Brush Pick Gives You Effortless Volume and Shine

SRI Perfecto Airless Thermal Brush

Regular Price: $159


The Perfecto Airless Heated Round Brush makes it easy to get a salon-style blowout look without all the hassle. It’s the ultimate tool for reviving your locks, adding volume and shine with minimal effort.

We love the versatility of this thermal brush. It has three barrels: 45mm, 38mm, and 30mm. This gives you different levels of volume, body waves, and loose curls. The ceramic barrels provide a smoothing effect that helps reduce frizz and flyaways too. It’s also a great way to prep your hair before using Velcro rollers!

After reviewing the top thermal brushes on the market right now, we felt the Perfecto Airless Heated Round Brush was super easy to use, offers stunning results, and comes at the best value.



GHD Rise Hot Brush

Price: $189

The GHD Rise Brush is a solid option for those who want an easy way to get a blowout look at home. It heats up quickly, making it a reliable choice for everyday styling. The brush does a good job smoothing hair and adding basic volume.

However, it’s limited in versatility because it only comes with one barrel size. This means you can only experiment with a narrow range of styles like you can with the Perfecto Airless Heated Round Brush and its three different barrel sizes.

The GHD Rise Brush is suitable for simple, consistent styles. But, if you enjoy changing your hairstyle often, the Perfecto is a better choice with more styling options.



T3 Edge Thermal Brush

Price: $149

The T3 Edge Brush stands out for its hair-smoothing abilities, although it has a few features that might only meet some people’s needs. It’s equipped with three heat settings, which could be limiting for those who prefer more precise temperature control. We also didn’t like that you can’t see these settings on the device.

We found this thermal brush better for achieving a sleek, smooth look. It doesn’t have a round barrel, so it didn’t create the volume and body curls very well.

We chose the T3 Edge as our number three pick because it’s an excellent option for those primarily interested in straightening and smoothing hair.



Moroccan Oil Smooth Style Ceramic Heated Brush

Price: $140

In the number four spot, the Moroccanoil Smooth Style Ceramic Heated Brush offers a unique approach to hair styling. This tool bridges the gap between a flat iron’s heat styling benefits and the gentleness of a paddle brush.

The ceramic cool tip bristles heat up quickly and make it easy to smooth hair even in areas close to the scalp. Heating up in just 60 seconds and capable of reaching up to 430 degrees, the brush also features a temperature lock to ensure consistent heat during use.

While it shares some similarities with the T3 Edge Brush, such as rapid heating and high-temperature capabilities, it also shares limited styling capabilities when it comes to adding volume, curls, and waves.



The Amika Blowout Babe Thermal Brush

Price: $100

Landing at number five, the Amika Blowout Babe Thermal Brush might catch your eye if you’re after simplified styling. It combines a hairdryer’s convenience with a round brush’s styling ability, but it’s not without its limitations.

You’ll appreciate its capability to add volume, especially near the roots. Its evenly heated barrel and unique bristles work together to smooth and volumize hair, delivering a salon-like finish.

While the Amika Blowout Babe excels in some areas, it doesn’t offer the same versatility in creating diverse styles like curls or waves, unlike some of its multi-functional counterparts.



The Perfecto Airless 3-in-1 Thermal Brush: A Clear Winner for Effortless "Blowouts"

After testing and reviewing the top picks on the market, we found the Perfecto Airless 3-in-1 Thermal Brush to be the best thermal brush for a wide range of styling needs — especially if you want more volume.

We love how the poly-flex bristles are gentle but are most effective in grasping and lifting hair at the root to create volume while eliminating frizz concerns.

If you love the idea of blowouts without all the hard work that usually comes with the territory, this is the hair tool you’ve been waiting for.

Beau is a highly acclaimed hair stylist and colorist in LA, catering to a diverse clientele that includes some of your favorite celebs!