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Vimerson Health is a decent company that has really tried to create high-quality products. However, they miss the mark in their digestive enzyme supplements just because customers had to maintain an extremely strict schedule when taking these pills. Taking the supplement 30 minutes prior to lunch and dinner was not just a suggestion it was a requirement and for a lot of hard-working people, this just becomes a hassle. Especially when there are other products available that don’t require setting alarms every day. The formula their team of developers had created did prove to be effective, but again only when customers consistently kept to the required regimen.

Company Background:

Vimerson Health is a relative newcomer to the industry as it was only founded in 2015. Despite their rookie status, we were pleased to see that Vimerson Health offered a huge variety of wellness supplements ranging from vision enhancement to angi-aging to digestion. Although there wasn’t a ton of information available about this company, we assumed that their massive amount of supplement products meant this team of nutritionists really wanted to be advocates for good health and wellness. We are hopeful that soon this newbie brand will figure out how to create a winning formula so their pills don’t have to be taken at such strict times for results.

  • The gel cap makes this supplement easy to swallow
  • Slightly earthy aftertaste
  • High quality ingredients

  • Must take 30 minutes before lunch and dinner to ensure effectiveness
  • Includes some fungal enzymes in the ingredients which can be problematic for select customers


Ingredients and Effectiveness

We spent a lot of time trying to interpret the ingredient label on the bottle because it seemed as if it was missing something. At this point we reached out to their customer service team and were told they only use a small amount of recognizable ingredients. They then recited the philosophy of Vimerson Health which is “…to only put products that are good for your body.” This still didn’t explain the vague and half-missing ingredient label so we are very skeptical of the actual ingredients used in the formula.

Supplement Safety

Vimerson Health has a philosophy that stresses the importance of using only a few ingredients. With that being said, they are not at all forthcoming with sharing ingredient information so who knows what kind of additives and fillers are also used.


Vimerson Health did offer a money back guarantee and free shipping, however the offer was only valid during the first 30 days after purchase which is barely enough time to know whether or not the product works. Plus, the fact that this product requires an intense by-the-clock schedule in order to be effective made us even more disappointed in the short guarantee.


We concluded that Vimerson Health might be a better option in a few years when they get their act together. As a new company just now putting their feet into the water, there are several gray areas that definitely need to be polished. They have a solid supplement that showed to be effective in some cases, however the short guarantee, vague ingredients list and strict schedule requirements lowered it’s rating to our #3 spot.


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* While ACTZYM proved to be the best digestive enzyme supplement available, we are always open to hearing your personal experiences and product reviews. If you have a success story you would like to share please send an email to our team at: and who knows, you might be featured on our website!

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