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0 Best Teeth Whitening Strips

Best Teeth Whitening Strips

Get Perfect, White Teeth Without a Dentist White teeth are one of the most desiring attributes anyone can poses. If you ask anyone what makes a person attractive, more often than not, you will find "a great, white smile" mentioned in the top three results. White teeth are a clear sign of good health, but also a ...

0 The Only Beauty Brands You Need In Your Life

The Only Beauty Brands You Need In Your Life

Shopping for beauty products can go two ways: 1) it’s a happy jaunt down the yellow-brick-road of beautification success, glowing with desired results and happy campers. You find what you need, you buy it, it works, everyone wins. OR… 2) it’s a frustrating trudge down a shoddy trail of questionable products that leave ...

0 #1 Beauty Trend of 2018: Bespoke Beauty

#1 Beauty Trend of 2018: Bespoke Beauty

One of the fastest growing trends of late are personalized beauty products, a.k.a bespoke beauty. The reason why it’s all the rage is pretty obvious: customized products allow us to hand-pick ingredients we prefer over others as well as ones that are more effective for our specific needs. Even though this new trend ...