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Microbiome testing using the new DNA sequencing technologies doesn’t only sound interesting – it can actually help you learn a lot about your body and your overall health. If you don’t even know about microbiome or how to test it, don’t worry. You’re not alone, and we’ve got your back.

In simple terms, microbiome is a combination of “good bacteria”, fungi, and other microorganisms that live in our bodies and help us in various aspects of our wellbeing. According to studies, the ones found in our gut are the most important for our health. So most microbiome tests focus on them.

How do you test your microorganisms, you might ask? Well, you will take a sample of your feces and send it to a company that will analyze it and send you back the results. Now, we know this doesn’t sound too appealing. But when it comes to the specific test we’ll be analyzing today – it’s really not that ugly.

Thryve Microbiome Test Review

California-based Thryve, founded in 2016, is one of several companies on today’s market offering to test your gut microbiome. What sets it apart from others, among other things, is a very detailed report along with lifestyle advice. Plus you get personalized probiotics.

How It Works

The testing process is very straightforward. Once you purchase your test, it will arrive to your mailbox with detailed instructions.

The test itself consists of three steps: Activate, Collect, and Send. And expect it to take around 10 minutes to finish. It makes the entire sampling process as “non-icky” as possible by providing you with all the necessary information and tools.

The first thing you should do is find the Kit ID # on the inside of the box and activate it on the Thryve website. The most dreaded step comes after this. But as mentioned earlier, it’s designed to make the process as comfortable as can be.

You just wipe as usual after your first bowel movement of the day. Now use the swab included in the package to lightly run over the toilet paper and take approximately a rice-sized sample. Then, place it inside its designated tube, stir until it changes color, and shake for 5 seconds after closing it. The instructions are very clear and detailed, and you can always contact Thryve support if anything is left unclear. Oh, and in case something goes wrong the first-time round, an extra collection tube is included in the package. Phew!

After the tough part, you put the sample in the plastic bag included in the package and seal it in the pre -paid shipping box. Drop it off at the nearest post office and wait for your results. Speaking of which, Thryve ships worldwide, to every country and continent.

Ok… Now What?

According to their website, you should get your Thryve results back in 2-4 weeks. The company will test for 10,000+ bacterial species. But they will only include the ones on your report that are statistically important in your case. When you think of it, this is a great solution, because who could even read through such a long list, let alone make sense of it?

The Thryve results will tell you your overall health score that ranges from 0 to 100. According to Medical Futurist, results from 50 to 80 are considered standard in western population. Additionally, the report will not only give you the names of bacteria living in your gut, but also the percentage of each one, along with an explanations of their benefits. Your test results will come with dietary recommendations, as well as a personalized set of probiotics you should use to improve your gut health. These probiotics may also include prebiotics, or some additional vitamins, depending on your profile.

It’s important to note, however, that this test is not meant to diagnose a medical condition. Nor can it tell you if there is a risk for you to develop a disease in the future. It is also not intended to substitute as medical treatment – this is a job for your physician. The gut test, at this moment, gives you additional information about the microorganisms living in your body and explains their usual purpose and influence on your well-being. Remember that it is recommended to talk to your doctor before taking any dietary supplements or changing your health care program.

What Benefits Do I Get?

Knowing more about your body and its other “inhabitants” is never a bad thing, right? Well, not only will you learn more about yourself and your little gut helpers, but you will also take charge of your gut health. Which, according to Thryve, can help you in various terms. Whether you struggle with losing weight, have digestion issues or want to improve your immune system – your gut is the key. By analyzing it and getting a detailed report about what is going on in there, you can work on improving it, and your overall well-being.

To Sum Up…

If you’re looking for an affordable, yet very detailed and user-friendly solution to test your gut, you should try Thryve microbiome test. Not only does this company make this process as painless as possible. But they also offer to help you improve your gut health with personalized dietary tips and probiotics. Basically, there’s nothing to lose, and you could gain a lot of knowledge and some useful advice.

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